Harriet Sandilands
Art Therapy


I am Harriet, a psychodynamic art therapist, registered member of the Asociación Profesional Española de Arteterapeutas (ATe) and associate member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT). I have more than 15 years experience accompanying people, young and old, in their processes of personal and emotional growth. To start any therapeutic process is to embark on an adventure of self-discovery. I foster positive and empathetic connections and a safe space for creative exploration, inviting honest reflection and integration. I offer both online sessions and sessions in my practice in Barcelona.

Supportive and caring

The therapy space is a warm and understanding space in which patient and therapist are constantly communicating, through words and through art. It is a place of mutual learning, growth and reflection. Nothing is too big or too scary to be shared in this non-judgmental space.

Personalised approach

Every person, every relationship and every problem is uniquely different. The psychiatrist Irvin Yalom said that therapists must design “a therapy for every patient”. Art therapy makes use of our creative capacity in order that we can design the therapy that is right for you.

Professional and confidential

The art therapy space is built on the basic human tenets of respect, love and sincerity. What is shared within that space is confidential and the therapist is in a constant process of professional growth and supervision, to ensure the best possible approach for the patient’s wellbeing.

What is Art Therapy

ART THERAPY is a therapeutic process using art materials as a form of expression; it communicates with its own kind of language, and can be used to access emotions or ideas that are difficult to verbalise with words. The therapist and client work together, using this artistic expression as a way to reflect and communicate; in doing so discovering who the person really is and what he/she needs. When we tend to our inner world, we are always transformed. When we do this within a therapeutic relationship, we give voice to parts of ourselves which are desperate to be heard. This process of self-discovery is fundamental in helping people to resolve conflicts, improve relationships, identify and grow their strengths and find their place in the world.

What might I get out of art therapy?

  • The possibility to say or explore things that may have been difficult to express
  • A meaningful connection with a therapist in a safe and non-judgemental space
  • The opportunity to take a step back from your life and observe with perspective
  • The natural development of your own creative and artistic voice
  • A surprising sense of clarity, relief and calm can often ensue ...

Is art therapy only for children?
What if I am not an artist?
Is it supposed to look good?

About Me

I believe that creative work, of all kinds, can be both transformative and healing, and that it is within therapeutic relationships that we grow and develop. This is why I decided to complement my long career in education by training as an art therapist. Prior to that, I had been working with children and teenagers for many years, as a Middle School coordinator and counselor, as well as through art and literature classes in an international school setting in Barcelona. I also volunteered accompanying elderly people through the NGO Amics de La Gent Gran, specifically focusing on how creative processes can reconnect us with an enthusiasm for life.


Art therapy sessions last from 45 minutes to hour. I offer 3 kinds of sessions


I can connect with you anywhere

In my practice

In Barcelona

At home

I may be able to come to your home

Contact me for more information, to book a session or to gift an art therapy session to a friend.

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